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traditional joineryMy philosophy is based on stewardship and a passion for the fine, hand crafted furniture, custom cabinets, and fine interior woodwork I design and build. My goal is to establish and maintain long lasting relationships with my customers based on trust, quality, and honesty  -Not the bottom line! I believe, nowadays more than ever, people crave what is real and authentic. My goal is to engage my clients in the design process by learning who they are and what they like then to pour my craftsmanship and "soul" into what I make so they experience an honest, tangible connection to the finished product. Try to find that in larger, "cookie cutter" manufacturers!   

I think stewardship can be summed up as " The tending of property and assets in a responsible manner." This simple truth goes to how we tend the earth and its resources, as well. I work to find my materials in the local markets and then select from those suppliers that share my appreciation for the environment. This is not always easy, but it is always right. One facet of this is recycling.

Old barns and buildings can provide a wealth of wonderful materials to work with. The Whole Tree recognizes and supports the growing demand for the re-use and recycling of building materials and I encourage my clients to consider the benefits, practicality, and charm of "Green" Furniture and cabinetry.   If you have an old building, barn, or materials that you would like to have reused or recycled in this way, please contact me and I would be happy to help make that happen!

This barn had been rebuilt after a fire destroyed the original barn in 1936. The owner's wish was to have the barn dismantled instead of destroyed. I was able to have a crew of dedicated workers, not to mention dedicated family,  carefully disassemble this beautiful structure in a way that respected the sentimental value the barn had for its long time owner, Ervin Livingston. Ervin currently lives in Claremont, NH with his wife. He worked much of his life in and around the barn and to see this building be disassembled in the careful and methodical way it was, pleased him and the community. The bulk of the materials have/will be trucked to a new home 8000 feet up in the beautiful mountains near Taos, New Mexico. This was a most challenging and rewarding project to complete! Many wonderful and humorous memories of the event will be reflected upon in the future. Please go to the Events/Projects page to see images of the project's completion

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