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Summer/Autumn 2006 Barn Dismantling

the South side before dismantling     barn ready to start dismantling          the back of the barn during dismantling     inside the newer gambrel section    

 inside the older post and beam section      another view of the inside    East side with roofed almost stripped   The job "supervisor"!   East side before stripping   East side stripped

inside South facing end.   West side being stripped    South side stripped of siding   stacked lumber from inside the barn   South view from roof   East view from top of roof  

end of barn being removed   Mike plugging away at it   tounge and grooved wood from barn   inside looking out at end being removed   gambrel end gone and trusses being removed  looking at the work accomplished

a picture of our ringer getting hands dirty   a rainy morning for the crew   three amigos       two of eight buckets of removed nails   the frame of the original barn

looking at what is left of the gambrel section   post and beam skeleton of the old section   working late   things are moving fast now!   hard to make out the barn now   just one of the numerous piles of salvaged wood

how many times has this latch opened the door?   salvaged lumber for casa de aivaliotis   saving the use of the land for farming   leaving a legacy   not much left to the structure   the front of what is left

approximately 1700 lbs of nails were salvaged for recycling   the crew and the former owner, Ervin Livingston           


The barn on Rte 12a is actually two barns. It consists of the older post and beam section and the newer Gambrel section. The Crew worked hard to see this project completed. It was no easy task and safety ruled of the days. The bulk of the structure was/is being trucked back to New Mexico where it will become new(old) buildings including a house and small barn. It is exciting to see the combining of Native American adobe, environmentally friendly straw-bale construction, pumice-crete, and  old native New England timbers and wood combined in the new construction!

The "on site crew" is finally back in New Mexico safe and sound. They lived on the site for one week shy of four months! The crew is leaner, stronger, and wiser and  images of the new buildings in New Mexico will be posted as they come in.

Thanks to everyone for their interest in this fascinating and challenging project!     Last updated 2/19/07

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