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Custom entry to Dining Room

Charlestown, NH




 Rustic, antique pine floor made with 110 year old pine salvaged from a local barn.

Grafton, NH




Floor to ceiling solid cherry raised paneling.

Solid cherry "pub Room". Including solid Cherry bar and coffered ceiling.

Alton, NH


Bathroom Renovation. This project was a full remodel and I worked closely with the owners to capture the look and feel they were after.

Quincy, MA.



In general, most of the pieces I create are custom made to order. All the pieces you see on this website are able to be reproduced except if noted. I am occasionally asked by a client if a piece or series of pieces that I have made for them not be reproduced. Typically, it is not a problem to accommodate such a request. I have found that my clients place a high value on knowing a final design is theirs alone.

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